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At Printing Joburg we print store quality books in a wide variety of formats, sizes and with multiple paper stock options. We work with independent authors and businesses of all kinds with our affordable design, printing, and finishing services. We also print reports, manuals, and workbooks with perfect binding, wire binding and perforation options. As a digital printer we can print small runs very quickly  on demand! Whether you’re printing ten copies, or a thousand, we care about doing the job right and have decades of expertise to draw on. Come on in to  view our samples and discuss which product is best for you!


Set Up and Bleed

At Printing Johannesburg, every book we produce is trimmed, as the last stage of the production process. To ensure this is neat and clean, with no strange slivers of white at the edges of pages, we require all files with some kind of background which goes to the edges of the images to have a minimum of 3mm of bleed. Bleed means that when you design the product, the background must extend 3mm outside of the actual product size.

You can set this up very easily with all professional design programs. When opening a new document, in the document set up settings, there will be a section that refers to Bleed, with a box in which you can set the amount you need. For Kaligraphic, we prefer 3-5mm, if you forget at this point, you can always go to File > Document Setup and fix it there. If you’re not using Adobe programs, it may also be in settings for layout, or printing.

When your new file opens you will see a blank page, but around it, 3mm away from the page boundaries, there will be a red or dotted line bordering the page. This is your bleed limit, and your backgrounds and graphics that go outside of the page boundaries must also reach this bleed limit.

When you have finished your design, it is also important that you include this bleed in the export process. In your export settings, there will be options to turn on crop or trim marks, which you need to select, and also it will allow you to set the bleed limit. In Adobe programs it will have a box you can check to ‘Use Document Bleed Settings’, which will automatically set it to your initial bleed set up. If you decide that even though you’ve set it to 5mm, you only need 3, you can uncheck this box and put in 3mm instead.

In Adobe  settings this will be under the